Meet Emily & Leigh

The two moms who bonded over a love of travel and then founded the brand called Tea.

Emily Meyer
Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder
Responsible for all things that we touch, feel and see

GREW UP: Boerne, Texas, with enormous oak trees around the property (chickens & sheep, too)
SCHOOL: Parsons School of Design, New York
SOUL SEARCHING TIME: A year in Paris, studying French and art history
BEFORE TEA: Designed for Ralph Lauren, Perry Ellis, Gymboree and Esprit
TRAVEL: Abroad. Sometimes Hawaii.
INSPIRATION: Clement, 5. Cracks himself up.
Georgia, 3. Cracks everyone else up. Hilton, for a lifetime.
SATURDAY AFTERNOON: Riding bikes (with family) to the park for a picnic; trip to the beach for surf & sand
SUNDAY AFTERNOON: Alameda flea market or Asian Art Museum
CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: Visits from NaNa, the globe-hopping grandma
Leigh Rawdon
CEO & Co-Founder
Responsible for people and money, and for making the world go 'round

GREW UP: Memphis, Tennessee
SCHOOL: B.A. in English from Davidson College and MBA from Harvard
TRAVEL: Yes, as often as possible
INSPIRATION: Adam, 7. Loves chess and baseball. Matthew, 5. Constant source of entertainment.
WHERE TO NEXT: Off to Barcelona with my boys, inspired by the Tea Catalonia collection
TEACH KIDS ABOUT THE WORLD: Convince them to eat sushi (chopsticks can be a challenge)
TEACH OTHER KIDS ABOUT BUSINESS: I mentor Stanford MBA students on their startup ideas. No chopsticks involved.
SATURDAY NIGHT: Kitchen island, friends and family, good food and wine, kids making a huge mess
SUNDAY: Cleaning up the big mess then taking the kids to the village for ice cream